Why vote for Curtis?


Curtis Olson is the only candidate for Mayor who:
  • is identifying how inefficient local government is and how millions of your tax dollars are wasted every year;
  • is challenging the status quo by calling for a cut to the entire City of Calgary operating budget;
  • has an achievable plan that will benefit every Calgarian #CPlanYYC;
  • is accepting $20.17 as a donation amount from each Calgarian, if they so choose, to put an end to the 'buying' of votes and favours by special interest or the establishment 'old boys' club;
  • is using several social media platforms (SnapchatTwitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) among others to share his #CPlanYYC - his posts have always been professional and respectful (unlike some candidates); and, he has connected with citizens on social media for years (unlike other candidates who just started their social media accounts for this election); and
  • is passionate and committed to working with citizens to lead our city out of the current economic / leadership crisis and towards a better future #ForCalgarians.