Start Me Up


You're probably asking 'who is this guy' and 'why is he running for Mayor?' Those are good questions and ones that you should be asking (of me and every other candidate). 
When it comes to who I am take a look at this snapshot. Why am I doing it? That's a different question. 
I know a lot about the city - how it's governed and how it works. Over the past seven years the 'governing' has turned into 'neglecting' and the 'working' has turned into 'wasting' every last dollar possible and taxpayers are on the hook..time and time again. Calgarians have not had a choice in the matter. 
Until now. 
That's what this election is all about - choice. It's about you, your family, your friends, your co-workers. I'm making it about you - my campaign is #ForCalgarians. 
Everyone knows that the other candidates are working for the special interest or the establishment 'old boys' club and that they can't make decisions in the best interest of Calgarians because a man who has been bought is always bought. 
So, that means we've got some work ahead of us and it's time to act or nothing will change.
First off, I’ve clearly stated how I’m different than any other candidate and why you should vote for me as your next Mayor. 
Then, I need you to take forwarding this email, starting conversations with family, friends, co-workers and by spreading the word on social media with the hashtags #CPlanYYC #ForCalgarians — my downloads page also has some postcards/placards for you to use as you create awareness.
I'm also asking that you consider donating $20.17 (no more/no here to read why this amount is significant).  
And, most importantly, Speak with your Vote during the advance polls (October 4-11) or on Election Day (October 16). 
The weeks ahead are going to be exciting so we've got a playlist to kick things’s time to start things up.
It’s go time! We’ve got an election to win #ForCalgarians.