I am committed to continuous innovation and responsible spending..that's why I am making my campaign materials (postcards, placards, playlists..) available so that you can spread the word as you would like to. 
I'm doing this to move away from traditional campaign methods that typically result in a significant amount of waste as a result of discarded campaign signs/promotional material.
Creativity is at the heart of this campaign -- that's why I'm asking you to use these materials when you're spreading the word and when you're posting on social media please use the hashtags #CPlanYYC #ForCalgarians. 
Postcard (4"x6") - Curtis OLSON for Mayor
Sign/Placard (11"x17") - Curtis OLSON for Mayor
Sign/Placard (11"x17") - Curtis OLSON for Mayor (print ready)
Sign/Placard (11"x17") - CPlan 
Campaign music playlist:
From time to time we'll be posting photos of what people have been doing to spread the message - it's amazing to see the community support/energy.
From university students taping postcards on their car rear windows on the day of the launch..


To business owners putting vinyl graphics on their personal vehicles..



To downloading signs off of my website..the social innovation is happening right in front of our eyes..
The community energy #ForCalgarians is amazing..I look forward to seeing what other people will do to spread the message of the #CPlanYYC.